Websites that resell items can use Vendor profiles, which include text and images related to the vendor. To complete a full profile for a vendor, click Add New Vendor and complete the fields as follows:   

Using the Vendor Editor

Active – Select to show the vendor on the website.
Name – Enter an internal name for the vendor. Use lower case characters and enter dashes instead of spaces. Required field.
URL - Enter the direct URL for the vendor.

Content Tab

Title – Enter the vendor’s business name. Required field.
Summary – Enter a vendor summary to display on the website.
Body - Enter a more detailed vendor description.

Meta Tags Tab   

Meta Title
Meta Description
Meta Head

See SEO/Meta Tag Reference

Products Tab

Displays the products assigned to this vendor

Contact Tab

Vendor contact information

Media Tab

Add images or video to accompany the vendor’s profile. For more information: Adding Images

Options Tab

Hide -  Click to hide vendor from automatic listings  

Open in Page - Override default, if desired.  

Open in page with params - Add optional query params

Notes Tab

Add notes related to the vendor. Notes are for internal use only and are not shown on the website.

Using Quick Setup 

Quick Setup allows you to create a limited feature vendor from the Product Editor: 

  • Click Add New next to the Vendor field.   
  • Enter a Name and Title (see instructions above) in the dialog box, and click OK.

Existing vendors can be modified in the Product Editor screen by clicking Edit.