Contacts Training

Training - Contact Management

The LVSYS system automatically creates, categorizes and stores contacts and contact activity when a visitor submits a form, places an order, enters a comment on an article or product or registers as a ...

1 - How Contacts are Collected

Contacts are collected automatically in the LVSYS CMS. It is also possible to manually create your own contacts and add them to either the four system groups or new ones you create. 

2 - Contact Groups

LVSYS's default contact Groups help you to organize your contacts. In addition to the automatic, default groups you can create your own custom groups and use groups in forms to assign contacts to groups.

3 - Assigning Custom Groups

Use a form to automatically assign a contact to a custom group.

4 - Downloading Contacts and Activities

Download contacts and contact activities to a spreadsheet, like Excel, where you can use their tools to further review contact information.

5 - Using Contacts for eCommerce