Article Training

Learn how to add articles to your website. 

Training - Working with Articles

Articles are the building blocks of your website.  They are commonly referred to as ‘posts’ or ‘stories’, and sometimes incorrectly as pages. These building blocks are extremely ...

1 - Creating a New Article

In this lesson, you will learn how to create articles

2 - SEO & Meta Tags

Maximize your articles' searchability and your website SEO by using these article level techniques.

3 - Creating a Blog Post

If you have a blogging template, blog posts are made by simply creating articles and selecting the blog or news category for each one. 

4 - Scheduling Article Publication Dates

All Tasks > Article Module > Articles You can set publishing dates for your articles between certain date ranges or at recurring intervals. All of these options can be found in the Dates tab. TabFieldsEntry InstructionsUse ForRequired Dates   First ...

5 - Additional Article Tabs

In this lesson we will review the remaining Article Tabs.  Many are seldom used, but we will provide a brief description here. Content (Lesson 1), Meta Tags (Lesson 2), Media (General Lesson 1) & ...

6 - Global Settings - Article Plug-in

Configure the global settings of the Article plug-in to set system wide options related to articles.