Advanced CMS Training

1 - Uploading & Embedding Videos

Easily upload YouTube and other videos for use on your website.

2 - Embedding with Short Code

The complete reference to all the LVSYS short codes notations using parentheses ( and ).

3 - Templates, Redirected and Raw HTML Pages

This section explains the difference between a web page template, redirected page and raw html page, and provides directions for creating a new web page.

4 - Script Reference

You can use HTML or Javascript scripts to add Google AdWords, embedded Google maps or other small programs to your website in the LVSYS CMS.

5 - Adding Widgets (third party code) to your Website

Learn to add third party widgets (ex: google maps, iframes, virtual tours, etc) into your content (articles, events, products, etc.)

6 - Adding Custom Headers

Add custom headers for site verification or javascript inclusion.

7 - Using Checkout and Lock Buttons

Prevent editing conflicts by using checkout and lock.