Use the Muliple Edit feature to make the same edits to multiple articles, products, events or members in list view.  

Some examples for using this feature are: making a large number of items active, changing the "page" items should open in or assigning a shipping rule to multiple products.  

In the example below, we begin in the List View of Articles.  Before each article you see an edit button.  Begin by selecting the items you want to edit.  You can select all items by clicking the box at the top.  

After you select two or more items, the selections will be highlighted in blue and the Edit Multiple button will appear above. Click Edit Multiple to continue.  

The following box will open, reminding you how many items (records) you have selected to edit.  You can now check the boxes in front of of each field you want to edit.  The rows will be highlighted in Red.  Note: The Multi Edit feature applies to all tabs (Content, Meta Tags, Media, etc.) You can check or uncheck boxes, enter new information or leave a field blank and your changes will be applied to each item you selected for editing.  

When you are satisfied with the choices you have made and the edits, click Apply.  All of the items will be modified.  

To avoid unexpected sweeping changes to your list, please pay attention, each step of the way, to be sure you have selected the correct items (records) and fields for editing.  

When you edit fields using Multi Edit, you will override all prior information and it will be replaced with information you enter in the red edit boxes.  For instance, if articles are assigned to different categories before using Multi Edit, all of these category assignments will change to the new ones you specify in Multi Edit.