Customize your Admin Home Page with Widgets.  You can select the widgets most applicable to your business and see current snapshots of important information each time you log in.  


  • From your Admin Panel home page, click Click here to add more widgets.  
  • Click on the widgets you would like to have displayed and then click Close. You can select multiple widgets from the list. 

Available Widgets

Here are examples of the widgets on the selection list.  




Most recent contacts captured by your site


Most recent contact activity on your site



Sales for the current month   Sales for the last 30 days

Sales for the last 90 days   Monthly sales for the past 3 years
Orders placed in the online store in past 30 days   Most purchased products last month
All time most purchased products   Last 50 products recently added to online store.
Top 50 customers sales overall    


Comment activity for the past 12 months   Comment activity for the past month
Most read articles last month   Most commented articles last month
Last 50 articles added to the system   Last 50 articles modified in the system


Last 50 events added to the system   Last 50 events modified in the system


Last 50 new subscribers   Monthly member signups for past 12 months
Last 50 new members    


Last 50 new directory listings   Last 50 updated directory listings



URL conflicts on your website



 Moving Widgets on Your Admin Panel Home Page

You can change the position of your widgets by doing the following:

  • Position your cursor on the widget heading.
  • Click and drag the widget to a new location in the widget pane.
  • Release the widget when it "snaps" into place.


Deleting Widgets from Your Admin Panel Home Page

To delete a widget from the Widget pane, click the "X" in the upper right corner.


Do you have an idea for a new widget?

If there is a widget you would like to see, click the Tell us link at the bottom of the widget panel to open a contact form and send us a detailed description of your "Widget Wish" in the Message field.