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3 - Editing Images and Retouching Photos

Learn how to use the image editing tools to modify pictures after importing them.

Last updated on 1/17/2013

Editing Images

Rotating Images

  • From the Images list screen, click an image or edit  to open it.
  • Click the Rotate Left or Rotate Right button on the Image Editing toolbar
    Rotate Left rotates the image 90° counter clockwise; Rotate Right rotates the image 90° clockwise.
  • Save to complete the rotation, or click Cancel & Reload on the top toolbar to restore the image’s orientation.

Cropping Images 

  • From the Images list screen, click an image or edit to open it.
  • Click Crop on the Image Editing toolbar.
  • Click and drag the selection cursor (see below) to define the crop area.
    • Drag a sizing handle on the crop border to resize the crop area.
    • Move a crop area by placing your cursor inside the crop area. When the move cursor displays (see below), click and drag the crop area to the desired location. 
  • Click Apply Crop to crop the image.
  • You may cancel the crop by clicking Cancel on the image editing toolbar.
  • Save to complete the crop.
Cursor - Select crop area Cursor - Move crop area