Creating a New User Login

From the User Logins list screen, click Add New User Login and complete the following fields. Save when finished.

  • Enabled – Select Enabled to activate the user login.
  • Full Name – Enter the user’s full name, using title case (capitalize first letter of name).
  • Login - Enter a username. The username should be composed of alphanumeric characters only. Do not use spaces.
  • Password - Enter a password. Use alpha-numeric characters only. Do not use spaces.
  • Pin Number – Enter a Pin Number if the user will update the website via email bridge. This functionality is available through
  • Access Level - Choose from Guest, Editor and Administrator levels.
    • Guests can view, but cannot modify anything on the website.
    • Editors can modify content, but cannot perform administrative tasks, such as adding users, changing global settings, etc.
    • Administrators have full permissions to modify and perform administrative tasks.
  • Grant Access To - Choose the website sections the user can access. If you do not make a selection, the user has access to all sections. To choose sections, click in the Grant Access field to open the selection list.
  • FTP Access - Select to allow the user to connect with an FTP program. Learn more about FTP access.
  • Mail Bridge Access - Select to allow the user to post content via the Mail Bridge. Learn more about the Mail Bridge functionality.
  • Desktop Login - Select to allow the user to login with the LVSYS Live Desktop (for credit card processing).
  • Desktop View Orders - Select to allow the user to login with the LVSYS Live Desktop to view orders.
  • Chat Queues – If live chat is available on the website, select chat queues the user can log into.

Modifying a User Login

To reset a password or modify permissions for a user:

  • Click on the user’s name in the User Logins list screen to open the User Login fields.
  • Make desired modifications.
  • Alternately, click a pencil icon to use Quick Edit in the List Screen to modify the Enabled, Full Name and Login fields directly from the List Screen.
  • Click Save.

Deleting a User Login

To delete a User Login, select the user’s record in the List Screen and click Delete Selected.