Give FTP Access to a User Login

FTP Access is disabled by default. From the User Logins list screen, edit a user and make sure FTP Access is checked. Learn more about configuring user logins.

FTP Connection Settings

You can use any FTP client to connect to your website. For example, you can use DreamWeaver FTP extension, FileZilla FTP Client, or Notepad++ NppFTP extensions.

The minimum FTP settings required to connect to the website are:

  • FTP Server –
  • FTP Port – 21
  • Login - Ex: if you configured the user 'admin' with FTP access to the website '' then the FTP login would be:
  • Password - use the Admin Panel password for this user.

Is this a normal FTP server?

It behaves like a normal FTP server by providing access to photos and document files.  It is different because it also provides access to the CMS database,  something FTP servers typically don't do.

Can I use it as a drop box so my clients can send me large files?

No. This is not meant to be used by your clients. First, file transfers are limited in size and, second, you cannot apply access restrictions to specific folders. So your clients could be making unwanted modifications to your website, or upload documents to the wrong sections!

What software can I use with the FTP Server?

Anything really. Dreamweaver, Coda, Notepad++, Visual Studio, Internet Explorer, and all other FTP clients. You can use your favorite HTML editing tool and access the website with all the power of your favorite HTML editor.

What content is accessible via FTP?

The FTP server provides access to the following folders:

Folder Maps to Content Notes
/content/articles All Tasks > Article Module > Articles (Body)

Filenames are hyphenated headlines + article ID + ".html". Ex: Added-an-Ad-Serving-Module.87.html

/content/events All Tasks > Calendar > Events (Body)

Filenames are hyphenated headlines + event ID + ".html". Ex: Vineyard-Visit.155.html

/content/products All Tasks > eCommerce > Products (Body) Filenames are hyphenated headlines + product ID + ".html". Ex: 2013-Reserve-Pinot-Noir.75.html
/copy All Tasks > Html > Copy  
/css All Tasks > Web Site > Styles  
/doc All Tasks > Files > Documents  
/photo All Tasks > Files > Images  
/scripts All Tasks > Html > Scripts  
/templates Template Manager v 2.0 Templates.  Experts only.
/templates.v1 Template Manager v 1.0 Templates.  Experts only.

How do I make Photos uploaded through the FTP available in Media Tabs?

After you upload images via FTP, go to Files > Images and click Resync to make the images available in all CMS photo browsers.  

FTP Commands and Restrictions

The FTP server allows the following actions: Add, Edit, List, Delete. It does not allow Rename actions since filenames are mapped to article headlines, content headlines or other database related fields that cannot accept characters allowed in filenames.

File transfers are capped at 20 MB to prevent server overloading.