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Give Mail Bridge Access to a User Login

Mail Bridge access is disabled by default. From the User Logins list screen, edit a user and make sure Mail Bridge Access is checked. Learn more about configuring user logins.

Mail Bridge Basics & When to use it.

The Mail Bridge is an email functionality that enables users to post content to the CMS via an email.

It allows website admins to hand out email addresses to outside editors, such as guest bloggers for example, so they can submit content to the CMS without having access to the CMS itself.

Subject, Body and Attachments - Posting with photos

The system treats all email fields this way:

Email Field Maps to Content Field
Date Sent Content > Date Published

Content > Headline

Content > Active : when headline starts with a star character (*) the content will be made inactive, regardless of the global mail bridge configuration setting.

Body Content > Body
Photo Attachment Media > Photos
Email Address Category Part (see below) Content > Category

Analysing a Mail Bridge Email Address

The Mail Bridge requires very specific email addresses, that contain the username, the user pin number, the website address, the module and optionally a category to post the content to.

Example email address:


Mail Bridge Email Address Builder

Use the form below to generate valid Mail Bridge email addresses. Keep typing until the email address below the form turns green.

CMS User Login  ex: mail. Make sure user is configured for "Mail Bridge Access".
CMS User PIN  ex: 1234. User Login configuration.
CMS Website Domain  ex: sampleweb.com - No http://, no www prefix
CMS Module 
CMS Module Category  ex: news. Article category Name field.
Field Separator  Customize the email address in case your mail server rejects it.

Email Address: None yet. Start typing in the above fields. (This field must turn green)

Only use the email address once the above field has turned green.