Introduction to the CMS

Introduction to the LVSYS CMS

The LVSYS Content Management System (CMS) gives you control of your website anywhere, anytime, from any web browser, without the help of outside web developers. Website content is easily editable and ...

1 - The Admin Panel

The Admin Panel gives you access to the tools you need to keep your website current and attractive. When you log in, the Home page displays a toolbar of buttons and links to the tools you ...

2 - Managing User Logins

Create and manage user access to the Admin Panel in the My Account module pane. User Logins allows you to manage users’ level and scope of access.

3 - Profile Info

Store profile information, such as company name or phone number. If information changes, you can modify your profile info and the information will be updated automatically throughout your website. ...

4 - Working with List Views - Search & Filter

Customizing List View When you add articles, products (eCommerce), events, contacts, categories or pages, they are all organized in a list.  You should familiarize yourself with the List View and ...

5 - The WYSIWYG Editor

Use the Microsoft Word-like rich text editor to format and modify the text of articles.

6 - Live Edit, Quick Edit, and CMS Keyboard Shortcuts

Editing Content We recommend opening two windows or tabs in a browser, i.e. Google Chrome, when editing your website.  The first window is your website as viewed by a visitor ( ...

7 - Web Copy

The LVSYS CMS Web Copy feature allows you to store frequently used content like about you, directions or addresses and disclaimers.  

8 - Creating and Using Hyperlinks

Learn how to use the text editor tool or short code to create hyperlinks and make your website more interactive.  Also learn to hyperlink images in the Media tab or with short code.

9 - Managing Website Menus

The Menu Editor allows you to add, delete and rename menu entries; change menu item order; and create drop-downs.