Hosting a Form on a Web Page

Create a new web page and then assign the form to it. Forms are usually hosted on pages using article templates.

  • From the Web Site list, click Pages to open the Web Pages list screen.
  • Click Add New Web Page.  
  • Page Name - Name the page the same name as the form (not the title), for consistency. Page Name is the URL for the page. Use lowercase characters, and dashes in place of spaces. Required field.
  • Select the Redirect to Page radio button to open redirect options. Complete the fields:
    • Page – Choose the page template. Use Form if you have a form template, otherwise choose Article.
    • Query Params – enter “formName=your form name,” Replacing 'your form name' with the actual name of your form (no quotes). This entry must be exact or it will not work.
  • Save.
  • Add the form to a menu or link to it using the Page Name. For more information: Menus, Hyperlinks.