After your form has been created, complete the following tabs for SEO, delivery and placement of your form on the website. 

Meta Tags Tab
  Meta Title Enter text here to override using the form Title as the default.
  Meta Description Table Instructions are the default.  Enter text here if you want to be more specific about your table 
  Meta Head Add custom tags to the 'head' section where the form is displayed.  
  Open Graph Photos Drag the image you want to appear on social media networks into the box at right. If the box is blank, the social media website will pull an image.  
Delivery Tab  - Controls what to do with the data collected  
  Assign to Group Use this field to automatically assign a contact to a custom group. This field works in conjunction with the Contacts feature. For more information on Contacts, see Contacts.  
  Email Template You can create email templates to send for acknowledgement and select the one you want to use with this form.    
  Attach Body to Email If Thank You emails are not displaying properly on contacts’ devices, this option places the body text in an attachment that displays correctly when opened. This option increases the likelihood your emails will be flagged as spam.  
  Send Email In Plain Text If Thank You emails are not displaying properly on contacts’ devices, this option sends emails as plain text, which will display correctly. This options decreases the likelihood of  emails being flagged as spam.  
  Submit Action REQUIRED - Choose Send to Email or Send to Database to determine where user data goes first when submitted. This field works in conjunction with the Param #1 field below.  
  Param #1 Send to Email - If email is chosen in Submit Action, enter the email address/es user data should be sent to. Separate multiple email addresses with semi-colons or commas. You can change the this email address in Forms List View by clicking on the pencil icon next to Param #1 IMPORTANT – See Param #2 for email subject option.

Send to Database - If Send to Database is chosen in Submit Action, Name your database and enter it  here. Once a user submits data on a form, the database will be visible at All Tasks > Web Site > Databases.
  Param #2 If Send to Email is chosen in Submit Action, enter the email subject line here.  
  Param #3 If Send to Email is chosen in Submit Action, enter the email body here as you would like your customers to see it. If left empty, the Thank You message (from the Display Tab) will be used instead.  

Fields where the ‘Inc’ checkbox is selected are added to the subject line, to better organize email in your inbox.

  Next Action IMPORTANT: If Send to Email is chosen in Submit Action (above), choose Send to Database here as a safety net in case emails are not received (due to full mailbox, inactive address, etc.).  
  Param #1 Enter database name, if Database is chosen in Next Action. If  Database was chosen above, and Send to Email was chose in Next Action, enter email address/es.  
  Param #2  Enter email subject (for Next Action email)  
  Param #3  Enter email body (for Next Action email)  
  Post Script Advanced.  Optional script to execute after a form is submitted. Use PostScript to send collected data to a third party website.     
  Redirect URL Enter URL to direct visitors to a different page after they submit a form. (Optional)
Options Tab  
  Open in Page Forms will open in the current page, by default.  You can override this by selecting a different Web Site page.  You can also create a new page by selecting edit.    
  No Params Check the box to prevent the addition of URL params  
  With Params You can add specific search params for your form here.