Member Training

Training - Members

All Tasks > Misc. > Members Members are individuals and businesses who interact with your website as customers, subscribers, or contributors.   Members in the Directory Module can log in to ...

1 - Directory of Members

2 - Directory Regions

3 - Directory Categories

4 - Member Training - Subscribers

All Tasks > Members > Subscription Info Tab You can control access to articles and other information on your website by setting up subscribers. FieldsEntry InstructionsRequired Is Subscriber Select ...

5 - Member Training - eCommerce

All Tasks > Misc. > Members When a customer is added through the eCommerce module, the shipping and billing tabs will be populated. eCommerce interacts with member tabs if the customer purchases ...

6 - Managing Comments of Members and Subscribers

Manage members and subscribers comments in Global Settings.

7 - Viewing Members Recent Activity

The LVSYS CMS has allows you to view a member's recent activity.

8 - Global Settings - Directory Plug-In

All Tasks > Website > Global  Settings Size of Excerpts - Specify the number of characters to display for excerpts (typically 200 characters). Must be between 50 and 400. Search Page ...

9 - Global Settings - Member Plug-In

All Tasks > Website > Global  Settings Enable Login - Select Yes to enable the member module.  The login and logout sections will be visible.   Max Failed Logins - Set ...