Members are individuals and businesses who interact with your website as customers, subscribers, or contributors.  

Members in the Directory Module can log in to your site with their email address and password and make changes to their listing in an online directory. Your website may offer a paid directory listing using the eCommerce module or the members can be created manually.   

Subscribers can view articles not available to the public and comment on them. You can decide what each permission level allows on your site.  Subscribers may have permanent access to articles or access can be limited to the first through the last day of their paid subscription.  When a subscriber pays for a subscription, they are purchasing a product created in the eCommerce module.  When this purchase is made, the subscription dates will be determined by the Access Duration of the product.  

Shipping and billing information for Customers is captured to speed up subsequent orders for eCommerce. 

Note:  All members on your website are automatically added to the Contact list.  In addition, if you have the eCommerce module, anyone who purchases a Product or Coupon not described above, will be saved in contacts. Visitors who email you for information or support are also added to the Contact List.    

Profile  Tab - If a member has the ability to log in to your website for any of the reasons above,  a Log-in will be saved or can be created under the Profile Tab.  This includes the Account Login: email address, Account Password and an Account Display Name to display if the member leaves a comment.  Account Membership Level and Account Privileges are used to control the access a member has once they are logged in. 

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 – Directory of Members

Lesson 2 – Directory Regions

Lesson 3 – Directory Categories

Lesson 4 – Subscribers

Lesson 5 - E-commerce

Lesson 6 - Managing Comments of  Members and Subscribers

Lesson 7 - Viewing Members Recent Activity

Lesson 8 - Global Settings - Directory Plug-In

Lesson 9 - Global Settings - Member Plug-In