Enable Login - Select Yes to enable the member module.  The login and logout sections will be visible.  

Max Failed Logins - Set the number of failed log-ins allowed by a member.  After the maximum is reached, administrative assistance will be needed to reset the password.  Select a number between 1 and 100.  Default is 5.

Blocked Member Email Notifications - Select Yes if you want to receive an email when a member is blocked out due to failed login attempts. 

Blocked Member Email Address - Send Blocked member notifications to an alternate email address. If left blank, emails will be sent to the address in Email settings, if desired.

Disable Account Locking  - If you don't want to block accounts after failed log in attempts, select No.

Skip Validation - Select No if you want new accounts to be validated by sending an email with a link to follow. Select Yes to skip this step.

Send Encrypted Password - Select Yes to show the password of newly registered members in their welcome email.  We recommend selecting Yes, unless your website has a mechanism for retrieving lost passwords.

Register Show Captcha - Select Yes if members must validate their registration with a captcha form.  Recommended to prevent spammers from registering automatically.

Registration Required Fields - Select default or check the required fields for member registration.  Default includes Log-In, E-mail, First Name and Last Name.

User Editable Profile Fields - Select default or select the fields members are allowed to modify on their profile.  Default includes Email, First Name, Last Name and password.

Size of Excerpts - Specify the number of characters to display for excerpts (typically 200 characters). Must be between 50 and 400.

Home Page - Select the specific page members will go to after they log in..

Messaging Page - Select the page containing inbox, sent items, compose e-mail, etc.

Team Page - Select the page with team request tools.  

Team Size - Select the maximum size of a team.  You can select between 4-200.  Default is 16

Max Mailbox Size - Maximum capacity of the Inbox and  Sent box.  Member will receive a message when the maximum is reached. Select a number between 10 and 1000.

Registration Pre Check Script

Registration Post Signup Script -

Registration Email Notifications - Select Yes to receive an email each time a member registers to the website.

Registration Email Address - Enter an alternate email to receive registration notifications.  Defaults to the address in Email Global Settings.

Registration Email Welcome Message - Enter the message you want new members to receive in an email.

Notify Member of Expiry - Select Yes if you want members to be notified when their account is about to expire.

Notification Email Subject - Enter the subject line for expiration notification emails.  

Notification Email Message - Enter the message you want expiring members to receive.  Use the format %date%, %first_name% and %last_name% to personalize the message.  They will be replaced with the expiration date, First and Last name of the member.

Member Reminder Days to Expiry -  You can notify members a specified number of days before their account expires. Separate numbers with commas.  If you enter 1,7,30, the member will be reminded 30 days, 7 days and 1 day in advance of their expiration date. 

Member Reminder E-mail Notifications - Select Yes if you want to receive notification when an email expiration notification is sent.  

Member Reminder Notify E-mail - Specify an alternative email to receive member expiration notifications.