Creating a Blog Post

Blog posts are created from articles you assign to the blog or news category.  You must have a blog template deployed on your site.  If you do not have a blog template and wish to have us set one up, please contact us at

To create a blog post:

  • Create a new article.  (See Lesson 1 - Creating a New Article)
  • When the Article Editor opens, complete the fields below:
    • Active - Select to display your post on the website.
    • URL - Enter a short URL.
    • Hide Date - Leave unchecked. 
    • Headline - Enter a headline/title for your post.
    • Body - Enter your post text.
    • Category - Select blog or news, as your configuration dictates. (See 4 - Creating & Managing Categories)
    • Media Tab - Select image(s) to display in your blog post.
  • Save.

Here is an example of a Blog Post.  

All of the articles shown are assigned to the blog or news category.  The template controls how the blog listings will appear.