Articles are the building blocks of your website.  They are commonly referred to as ‘posts’ or ‘stories’, and sometimes incorrectly as pages. These building blocks are extremely important, so thoughtful planning needs to go into each one.  In addition to the text, your articles can be enhanced with pictures and/or videos.  You can also link articles to other websites or to documents and pages on your website.  

Articles are organized on the pages of your website and are directed by templates. Templates will be discussed later.

Article Training Seminars

The article seminar begins with the basic steps required to create, enhance and publish an article.  As you complete the training lessons, you can refer to Introduction to the LVSYS CMS and General Training articles in the menu on your left for reference.  

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 - Creating a New Article

Lesson 2 - SEO & Meta Tags

Lesson 3 - Creating a Blog Post

Lesson 4 - Scheduling Article Publication Dates

Lesson 5 - Addititional Article Tabs

Lesson 6Global Settings - Article Plug-In