Setting Up Zones

Zones  refer to  specific areas on your website where ads display. Zones are set up with pre-defined sizes, such as 728 x 90. Advertiser graphics must fit the zone size exactly in order to display. If no ad campaign is assigned to the zone, it will serve a zero height space.

  • Click Add New Zone to open the Zone editor.
  • Select Active to display the zone on your website.
  • Enter a Title for your zone.
  • Choose a zone size in the Type field OR select Custom Size and enter the Custom Width and Height (in pixels) in the boxes that follow.    
  • You can enter notes about the zone in the Notes tab, if desired.
  • Save.
Once a campaign has been assigned to a zone, a campaigns tab displays. Use the campaigns tab to view all campaigns assigned to the zone. Click a campaign's link to open the campaign editor.

Zone Sizes

Button 120 x 60
Full Banner 468 x 60
Leaderboard 728 x 90
Rectangle Medium 300 x 250
Rectangle Half 300 x 125
Rectangle Square 250 x 250
Skyscraper 120 x 600
Skyscraper Wide 160 x 600

Placing Zones

Zones can be dragged to appear on a side bar or selected to appear in a designated spot on web pages.