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FAQ - Articles

This section contains common questions about working with articles.  For more information, see our User Guide.  

Why aren't my meta tags being picked up?

If an article's SEO meta settings aren't being pulled, there could be a few different issues causing ...

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How do I give temporary access to private articles?

If an article can only be viewed by Members or Subscribers, the Private box must ...

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Why don't my Meta Description changes show up on Facebook?

When you share an aricle on Facebook, Facebook crawls the url, then saves and displays the meta ...

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How do I add an article?

Adding a new article to your website typically begins in All Tasks. Go to All Tasks>Article Module>Articles and ...

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How do I edit an Article?

To edit an article on your website, you need to return to the article in the Admin Panel and open it ...

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How do I preview an article, product, event or form

Preview  You can preview an article, product, event or form at any time by clicking on the Preview button. ...

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How can I make my text single spaced?

When you press Enter after a line of text, the system inserts a double space. If you wish your next line ...

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How do I Create a Blog Post?

Blog posts are created from articles that are tagged to the blog or news category. You must have ...

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How do I merge categories?

You can select multiple categories and merge them into a different category.

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