If an article's SEO meta settings aren't being pulled, there could be a few different issues causing it.

1. Make sure that the Meta Data is set in the article

Articles are set to pull their headline and an excerpt if there is not Meta Data set. Double check to make sure that the Meta Data has been set for that article.

2. The Page is preventing the Meta Data from being pulled through

If only the default Meta Information is being pulled, regardless of whether or not the Meta Data is set in an article, then it's possible that the page the article is opening in has disabled the Article Meta Override.

First check which page the article is opening in under that article's Options tab.  If none is set, then it's likely opening in the default "Article" page.  Once in the edit view for the page, click on the "Page Options" link and look for the "Disable Meta Override" field. To properly pull the Meta Data, it must not be set or set to "No".  (See Below)

3. The Global Settings are preventing the Headline from being pulled

Similarly to the page preventing the Meta Data from coming through, the Global Settings could be limiting it as well.  Open up the Global Settings and click on the Article Plugin link.  The first setting is "Push Headline Into Meta Tags" should be set to "Yes" so that the system automatically pulls the headline through.

If you've tried all these options and you're still having trouble, contact us at help@lvsys.com.