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Script Reference

Reference and examples for using html and javascript scripts in the LVSYS CMS.

Last updated on 9/27/2012

Script Reference

Use HTML or Javascript scripts to add Google AdWords, embedded Google maps or small programs to your website. To add scripts, look in the HTML list of All Tasks and click on the Scripts item. For more information on adding Scripts: Using Scripts.

Short code syntax ( ( script|your script name ) )
Considerations When calling a script in short code, the name entered in the code must exactly match the script name in Scripts or it will not work.
Example Type
Script Name
Script Example
(these examples are illustrative only and should not be used on your website)
Short code
Paypal Button
( ( script|ppal-buy-widget ) )
Youtube Video
( ( script|youtube-demo ) )
Google Map
( ( script|map-stadium ) )
( ( script|cnn-feed ) )
RSS Feed
( ( script|rss-feed ) )