Web Page Parameters

Web Page Parameters General Considerations: 

  • Parameters must be entered with the proper syntax, names and spelling or they will not work.
  • When entering parameters, do not use spaces around the equals sign.
  • To connect two or more parameters together, use an ampersand (&) symbol. Do not use spaces around the ampersand.
  • Ensure the module item’s attribute name is spelled the same as in the system – it must be exact or it will not work.
Module ItemAttributeExamples
article Name

Displays the article named “explore-south-ca”

Displays articles named “explore-south” and “lodging-south”

article Category articleCategory=autumn-activity
Displays all articles marked with the “autumn-activity” category
directory Category directoryCategory=hotels
Displays all hotels in the business directory
directory  Region 

Displays all business directory entries marked as southern-oregon

Displays all hotels in the business directory that are in the southern-Oregon region

directory Search 

Activates a directory search

Allows a user to search the directory for hotels in the southern Oregon region

form Name

Displays a form named “autumn-guide” that sends respondents an autumn guide

Displays an article named “autumn-activity” and an “autumn-guide” form on the same page

product Category  productCategory=glassware
Displays all products marked with the “glassware” category
product Name

Displays the product named “crystal-stem3”

Displays an article named “wine-glasses” and all glassware category products

script Name scriptName=teaser-ad
Calls a script that displays a teaser ad at the top of the page