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Product Plug-In

Configure the behavior of the Product plug-in.

Last updated on 4/17/2014

  • Checkout Page - Select a specific page where visitors are sent to view their cart and check out. If no page is selected, visitors are sent back to the default Product page set in Web Pages.
  • Login Required –Select to require shoppers to register on your website before they can check out. This practice is not recommended as statistics show that few visitors will checkout if they must register first.
  • Login Message –If Login is required, above, then enter a login message to display to visitors at checkout, asking them to login or register.
  • Require Age Check –Selecting this field require shoppers to enter their birth date on their order for compliancy purposes. This setting is required if you sell controlled substances such as alcohol or other controlled substances, as mandated by regulations in the state you are conducting business.
  • Allow Pickup -Indicate whether pickup is available as a shipping option. If yes, pickup shipping cost is 0.
  • Include Sales Tax –Select Yes to include sales tax on orders when shipping to states with sales tax. Note: only items sent to Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon will be exempt from sales tax.
  • Shipping Home Country –Select a home country from which all orders are fulfilled. Defaults to US.
  • Shipping To Countries - Provide a list of country codes (ex: US) where you ship. If left empty, the system will allow shipping to all countries.
  • International Shipping Charge –This feature is DEPRECATED. 
  • Free Shipping Above Amount - Offers free shipping when entered amount is exceeded in shopping cart (after discounts).  
  • Credit Cards Accepted – Select the credit cards you accept.
  • Send Orders to Email –Enter the email address(es) that will receive a copy of the full order.
  • Include Daily Summary With Order Copies- Check to receive
  • Receive Daily Sales Report- Check to receive
  • Get an Email Copy of Orders (Bcc) –Select Yes to receive a BCC copy of the email confirmation sent to the customer. This allows you get a copy of the customer’s email address in your inbox.
  • Include Payment – NOT RECOMMENDED. Check this box to include payment information in emailed orders. This option can be used if you do not process payments online, but it is NOT SECURE and NOT RECOMMENDED.
  • Receipt Subject –Enter a subject line for the confirmation email sent to the customer.
  • Receipt Intro Message – Enter a message that displays above both the receipt on the checkout page and the emailed receipt. Example: “Thank you for choosing ACME products!”
  • Payment Method – Select how payments are processed. If you set it to charge, make sure that your system is configured for processing credit cards. Please contact LVSYS for payment setup.
  • Payment Param #1 – NOT USED.
  • Payment Param #2 – NOT USED.
  • Size of Excerpts – Number of characters to display for products (typically 100 characters) when they display in search results.