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Member Plug-in

Configure the behavior of the Member plug-in.

Last updated on 9/28/2012

  • Enable Login – Select Yes to enable the membership module and display the Login and Logout sections.
  • Send Encrypted Password – Select Yes to send newly registered members their password in the welcome email. We recommend leaving this option on, unless your website includes a mechanism for retrieving lost passwords.
  • Skip Validation – Select No to instruct the system to send an email with an account validation link to new members. Select Yes if you do not want new members to validate their account.
  • Size of Excerpts – Specify number of characters to display for excerpts (typically 200 characters). Must be between 50 and 400. This setting applies to websites that implement a public business directory and displays when the member is displayed in search results.
  • Register Show Captcha–Select Yes to require the registration process to be validated by Captcha forms. This recommended option prevents spammers from registering automatically.
  • Registration Required Fields–Select required fields to display on the Registration form. The Default option includes Login, Email, First Name and Last Name.
  • User-Editable Profile Fields – Select fields that members can modify in their profile. Choosing Default includes Email, First Name, Last Name, and Password.
  • Home Page–Select a specific page that users are sent to after they login. If no page is selected, users are sent to the default page configured for the Member plugin under Web Pages.
  • Messaging Page – Applies to websites programmed with member messaging templates. Choose the page containing messaging tools (inbox, compose, etc). This option is rarely used.
  • Team Page – Applies to websites programmed with member messaging templates. Choose the page that containing team request tools (request inbox, view team, contact and join team, etc). This option is rarely used.
  • Team Size – Applies to websites programmed with member messaging templates. Enter the maximum size of a team. (between 4 and 400). The default is 16. This option is rarely used.
  • Max Failed Logins– Enter the maximum number of failed logins before the account is deactivated and blocked. Select a number between 1 and 100. The default is 5.
  • Max Mailbox Size– Applies to websites programmed with member messaging templates. Enter maximum number of emails the inbox and sent box can hold. When maximum is reached, the member sees a message requesting a cleanup of old messages. Size must be between 10 and 1000. This option is rarely used.
  • Registration Email Notifications–Select Yes to receive an email notification each time a new member registers. This option is recommended so you can keep track of new registrations.
  • Registration Email Address–Set alternate email address(es) for receiving new member registration notifications, if desired. By default, notifications are sent to the address in the Email Settings section above.
  • Registration Email Welcome Message– Set the message that displays in a welcome email after a new member registers.