Your website's rankings on Google are important, so when rankings drop, admins may be quick to blame the platform. While it is certainly wise to question every aspect of your website's functioning, LVSYS provides the elements you need to achieve maximum rankings.

The Three C's of good SEO are Clean Code, Content and Credibility. LVSYS takes care of the Code. Content and Credibility require effort on your part. 

Clean Code - LVSYS takes care of this part by providing you with clean code that exposes your website to search engines with well-structured content and adherence to Google guidelines. We give you the tools, too, to apply SEO techniques, with easy to create website, page, article, and category level meta-tags.

Content - Developing good content takes some effort on your part. Develop content that is relevant, meaningful and has depth. Utilize good keywords in content without keyword stuffing. 

CredibilityDevelop relationships with reliable, credible websites to link back to you, preferably using good keywords. One avenue is to approach clients to see if they will link to your site. You can also post on forums relevant to your industry, or guest-blog. 

We have a SEO Quick Reference Guide that gives you some tips and pointers to enhance your SEO. Click here to start.