What causes  the 'dll not found' error message when I try to connect to Quickbooks?

You need to install the Quickbooks Connectivity Tools.  You will find them under Downloads at  http://help.lvsys.com/

My orders won't import. They stay in red.

Make sure the Quickbooks accounts you have selected for each title have not changed since you opened the Desktop Quickbooks app. Email us at help@lvsys.com if the problem persists.  

How are Item Name/Number and SKU numbers mapped?

If your product has a SKU, the first 30 characters of the SKU will be imported as the Item Name/Number. If your product does not have a SKU,  the first 30 characters of the Product Description become the Item Name/Number. For best results, ensure all of your products have short SKU numbers. If  products do not  have  SKU numbers and their product description contains modifiers, the modifier may be truncated when imported into Quickbooks making if difficult to distinguish one product from another.  

Why is there a discount item of type "Other Charge"?

Quickbooks does not allow global discounts, so our system uses an item of type Other Charge to enter discounts. Discounts will be negative values on the Sales Receipt.  

What are the LVTAX and LVSHIP items?

Sales tax and Shipping Charges are imported as non-inventory Items of the type Other Charge.   You can decide how to handle Sales Tax items and set up the appropriate Sales Tax liability accounts in Quickbooks.   

Where do I find Sales Receipts?

Sales Receipts are found in the Customer Menu.  Click Enter Sales Receipts and the Previous button to view imported receipts.  The LVSYS Order # becomes the Sale Number in a Quickbooks Sales Receipt.