The admin panel has changed to provide easier access to the tools you need and use. Learn about the changes in this article

Our new admin panel provides easier access to the tools you need and use. Enjoy more direct access to frequently and recently used items and quicker navigation among related items.  Read on to learn more about the individual changes to the LVSYS Admin Panel.

All Tasks Window

The new All Tasks window provides one stop access to all module items, arranged in a more logical and intuitive fashion. All tasks are conveniently presented in one pop-up window; grouped in intuitive lists of links.

To close the All Tasks window, click its close button in the upper right.



Most Used List

The Most Used list in All Tasks is devoted to the module items you use most frequently. This list changes dynamically to reflect your work habits. Simply click on a link to open an item. 



Create New Item

The Create New button allows you to create a new item from commonly created items in just 2 clicks. Click the Create New button and then click a link to open a new item edit screen.




Shortcuts Bar

We’ve added a customizable Shortcuts bar that sits at the top of the admin window. Quickly add shortcut buttons for the items you use most by dragging and dropping items to the Task Bar pane.

Create a Shortcut 

  • Click the Shortcuts button (for first shortcut) or link (for additional shortcuts).
  • In the Configure Shortcuts window, locate the desired shortcut item from the Website Tasks Selection Pane on left.
  • Click and drag the item to the Task Bar Pane on right.
  • Continue dragging items to the Task Bar Pane, as needed.
  • Click Save.

Change Shortcut Buttons Order   

The shortcut buttons display along the shortcuts bar in the order you selected them. If you wish to re-order your selections, return to the configure shortcuts window and drag your buttons up and down in the display pane. Save when finished. 

Remove a Shortcut Button from the Toolbar

To remove a shortcut button from the toolbar:

  • Click the Shortcuts link on the toolbar
  • Click the Delete button next to the button you wish to remove.
  • Save.



My Activity

The My Activity button tracks your activity and presents your activity history as clickable links to the items you worked on. Items are listed in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest).

To use My Activity: 

  • Click the My Activity button
  • Scroll through your activity history to find the item you wish to open.
  • Click on the item’s link to open it.

Clicking a link takes you to the current state of the item. My Activity does not maintain snapshots of your item’s historical states.



Related Items Links

When you open an item, links to related items display in the Editing bar. These links allow you to quickly jump from your current work to a related task. In the example below, the Article Editor displays a link to Comments, Categories, Authors and more. Clicking the Categories link takes you to the Categories list screen where you can modify, copy or create a new category.