When visitors try to access a url that doesn't exist, our system will generate a generic 404 error message. This can happen if the visitor incorrectly types the url or the page is no longer active.

The default message (below) includes a link to return the visitor to your home page, which may cause frustration or confusion.  By creating a custom 404 page, you have the opportunity to direct the visitor to more relevant information.  

How to Create a Custom 404 Page

 1 - Create an article with a Headline and Body containing your message.  

2 -  From All Tasks > Website > Pages, create a new page named 404. Make sure the page is assigned to a template.  

3 - Click  the Main Article Tab and then click Select.  

4 - In this example, locate the 404 - File Not Found article on the list (use filter by or order by to organize or narrow your choices)  Select the article and SAVE your page.  

Admin - 404 Tools 

When you are logged into the Admin Panel and type in a non-existent url, we always show the page below. This allows you to quickly create missing content by clicking on the links provided.