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LVSYS Live Desktop 1.2.35

Updates to how orders are viewed. It can be downloaded here LVSYSLiveDesktop-1.2.35.msi

From News and Updates

LVSYS Live Desktop 1.2.34

Added order pop alert for the point of sale. It can be downloaded here LVSYSLiveDesktop-1.2.34.msi

From News and Updates

LVSYS Live Desktop 1.2.32 released

This update brings a point of sale popup for each new order submitted once the application has been started It ...

From News and Updates

LVSYS Live Desktop 1.2.33 released

This update brings minor fixes to the point of sale It can be downloaded here LVSYSLiveDesktop-1.2.33.msi

From CMS Reference

Adding Notification Rules

Each LVSYS site comes with several pregenerated notification rules that you're able to activate to notify ...

From FAQ - Articles

Why aren't my meta tags being picked up?

If an article's SEO meta settings aren't being pulled, there could be a few different issues causing ...

From FAQ - Admin

Why do I see a certificate error when I try to login to the Admin Panel?

It's a warning generated by browsers when your website is using an unsigned SSL certificate that ...

From FAQ - Admin

How do I add a Google Tracking code to my website?

Add a script, from All Tasks > HTML > Scripts.  Make a selection from the Drop-Down Menu next ...

From FAQ - Articles

How do I give temporary access to private articles?

If an article can only be viewed by Members or Subscribers, the Private box must ...

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