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FAQ - e-Commerce

This section contains common questions about our e-commerce module.  For more information, see our User Guide

Where Can I Find My Orders?

To view your orders, go to All Tasks>eCommerce>Orders.  From the Orders screen, you can use the Sort, Search and Filter tools to find specific orders or you can export the data to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

To see what products your customers ordered, go to All Tasks>eCommerce>Ordered Products, and use the order # to find the ordered products.

For more information, see our help article: Managing Product Orders.

How Do I Change the Display Order of Products and Articles?

To change the display order of a product or article, use their associated Category(ies). The help articles below explain how to change the display order. 

Using a Category to Change Product and Article display order

How do I change the email for our customer inquiries?

The default email setting for your website is entered in Global Settings > Email.  

In some cases, you many want to override this setting.  Here is a list of places of may want to enter a different email.  In all cases, this will override the email address in Global Settings > Email

  • Website > Forms
    You may specify an email on an individual form in the delivery tab.
  • Global Settings > Article
    If you have comments enabled for articles, you may specify an email in Global Settings just for this purpose. 
  • Global Settings > Event
    You may specify an email for events. 
  • Global Settings > Product
    You may specify an email for products. 

How do I require shoppers to add their birth date?

Require Age Check - Check the box to require shoppers to add their birth date when placing an order, i.e. wine orders. 

How do I limit shipping to US-only addresses?

By default the system will ship to all countries. To limit shipping to specific countries, list them in the box at "All Tasks->Web Site->Global Settings->Product Plugin->Shipping to Countries" as shown below using country codes from this list of official country codes.  Separate the codes with a comma.  

How does sales tax work with ecommerce orders, does it include shipping?

Sales Tax is automatically added to your orders when the settings "All Tasks->Web Site->Global Settings->Product Plugin->Include Salex Tax" is checked.

Automatically computed during checkout.

We use the same tax rates tables found on this website: 

Sales tax is automatically computed to your order according to the ZIP code and destination State provided. The final order review screen may display a different Sales Tax amount when the customers changes shipping information at checkout.

Sometimes, shipping charges are included too.

In some states, sales tax is also levied on shipping charges and subject to some specific rules. Our ecommerce platform keeps track of this information and will add shipping costs to the taxable amount when required.

You do not have to worry about this.


If you do not currently charge sales tax, please check the regulation in your home state for best practices. LVSYS cannot be help responsible for the undercharging or overcharging of sales tax. It is your responsibility to collect and remit the proper sales tax to the proper agencies.

How do I void an order?

To change the status of an order, click on the box before the order and click the Update Status Link at the top.  Change the status to Void - Notify and SAVE.  We will remove the processing fee if order is voided before billing cut off date.  After billing date, please contact our help desk.    



How do I accept credit card payments?

Credit Cards Accepted:  Check the applicable boxes from the list of credit cards. 

NOTE:  See this training article if you want to allow Paypal Checkout

Can I allow pick up for online orders?

Allow pick up - select Yes from the drop down menu and pick up will offered as an option.

How do I preview an article, product, event or form


You can preview an article, product, event or form at any time by clicking on the Preview button.  It is not necessary to Save before using Preview.  

In Preview mode, a new tab will open and this orange box will appear at the top.  You cannot edit from this view, but you will be able to see how the article, product, event or form looks, even if it is not Active.

After you view your preview, close the tab and click back to the article edit screen to make revisions.

NOTE:  If you edit the article, close the Preview tab and click Preview again.  You cannot refresh Preview Mode.     

Why is My Discount Not Working?

Companies offer volume discounts to their customers. For example, you may wish to offer a 10% case discount when a customer buys 12 bottles of wine (product).

If you want to offer a discount for multiple products, you need to make sure fields are set to the correct values for the following situations:

For Group Discounts - Make sure all products use the discount in each product's Discount Policies field.

All Products - Make sure all products using the discount do not have Disable Discount checked.

Minimum Quantity - Ensure the discount quantity applies to minimum quantity of items in the cart.

Quickbooks Import Troubleshooting

What causes  the 'dll not found' error message when I try to connect to Quickbooks?

You need to install the Quickbooks Connectivity Tools.  You will find them under Downloads at

My orders won't import. They stay in red.

Make sure the Quickbooks accounts you have selected for each title have not changed since you opened the Desktop Quickbooks app. Email us at if the problem persists.  

How are Item Name/Number and SKU numbers mapped?

If your product has a SKU, the first 30 characters of the SKU will be imported as the Item Name/Number. If your product does not have a SKU,  the first 30 characters of the Product Description become the Item Name/Number. For best results, ensure all of your products have short SKU numbers. If  products do not  have  SKU numbers and their product description contains modifiers, the modifier may be truncated when imported into Quickbooks making if difficult to distinguish one product from another.  

Why is there a discount item of type "Other Charge"?

Quickbooks does not allow global discounts, so our system uses an item of type Other Charge to enter discounts. Discounts will be negative values on the Sales Receipt.  

What are the LVTAX and LVSHIP items?

Sales tax and Shipping Charges are imported as non-inventory Items of the type Other Charge.   You can decide how to handle Sales Tax items and set up the appropriate Sales Tax liability accounts in Quickbooks.   

Where do I find Sales Receipts?

Sales Receipts are found in the Customer Menu.  Click Enter Sales Receipts and the Previous button to view imported receipts.  The LVSYS Order # becomes the Sale Number in a Quickbooks Sales Receipt.

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