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This section contains common questions about tracking visitors to your site. For more information, see our User Guide.

How Do Google Analytics Stats Compare with Server Stats?

Google Analytics records a visit when a user opens a page, moves the mouse, clicks buttons and navigates between pages. It is useful for analyzing what visitors do on your website. Some data may be missed due to security software, blocked cookies, patched/new browsers, ad blocking technology or fast browsing (not staying on a page for at least 2 seconds). The stats provide a very rich set of data for User Experience analysis, but they are not providing real numbers.

Server stats (LVSYS Stats) record all pages sent to real users and robots. You can access them from All Tasks>My Account>Reports>Page Hits.  The data is further sorted between browsers, computers, mobile devices and robots. The server stats provide accurate, real numbers. 

How do I upgrade to Universal Analytics?

Google Analytics is upgrading to Universal Analytics.  A new set of features will change the way data is collected and a new tracking code will let you collect data from any digital device.  Click here for more details from Google. 

To Upgrade: Log in to Google Analytics and click on Admin at the top right. 

The following screen will appear:

1. Follow the links to transfer your property to Universal Analytics.  This may take 24-48 hours.  You will be notified with the transfer is complete.

2. Copy the new tracking code.

Log in to the LVSYS Admin Panel

1. Expand Page Settings

2. Paste the new tracking code into the "Meta Head" field as shown below

3. Delete the "Google Tracker" value as shown below.












How Do I Embed a Google Tracking Code?

Enter your tracker code in Global Settings, by going to Global Settings>Page Settings>Google Tracker. The code is formatted as UA-XXXXX-XX. and is also known on Google as the Web Property ID.

For more information about Page Settings, see this help article.

Why Are My Rankings Dropping?

Your website's rankings on Google are important, so when rankings drop, admins may be quick to blame the platform. While it is certainly wise to question every aspect of your website's functioning, LVSYS provides the elements you need to achieve maximum rankings.

The Three C's of good SEO are Clean Code, Content and Credibility. LVSYS takes care of the Code. Content and Credibility require effort on your part. 

Clean Code - LVSYS takes care of this part by providing you with clean code that exposes your website to search engines with well-structured content and adherence to Google guidelines. We give you the tools, too, to apply SEO techniques, with easy to create website, page, article, and category level meta-tags.

Content - Developing good content takes some effort on your part. Develop content that is relevant, meaningful and has depth. Utilize good keywords in content without keyword stuffing. 

CredibilityDevelop relationships with reliable, credible websites to link back to you, preferably using good keywords. One avenue is to approach clients to see if they will link to your site. You can also post on forums relevant to your industry, or guest-blog. 

We have a SEO Quick Reference Guide that gives you some tips and pointers to enhance your SEO. Click here to start.

How do I add Google Analytics to my site?

  • If you don't have one already, create an account with Google Analytics.
  • Add a website (also called a Property).
  • Locate the Google Analytics tracking ID for your website, which is in this format:  UA-4871437-98.
  • Log in to your CMS.
  • Go to All Tasks > Settings > Global Settings > Page Settings.
  • Open Page Settings and enter the ID into the Google Tracker field.
  • Click Save.


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