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Using Live Edit and Quick Links to Modify Your Site

Learn how to use the shortcuts, Live Edit and Quick Links, to modify your site.

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In this tutorial, we look at two handy shortcuts you can use to edit articles and other items: Live Edit, and Quick Links.

Like all LVSYS features and components, usage is uniform across the platform, so if you know how to use Live Edit on an article, you can successfully use it on other items.

The first thing you need to do is log in to the Admin Panel by entering the website URL, followed by a forward slash and the word admin.

When the login screen opens, enter your password and click Login or press Enter on your keyboard.

Once you’re logged in to the admin panel, open another window or tab and open up your website again – this time use just the website URL – so you can see what your visitors see and view any changes that you make in real time.

 Notice that the public website recognizes that you’re logged in as an administrator.

 You’ve got little pencil icons and extra linked text on the page that your visitors don’t see.

 These icons and links give you access to Live Edit and Quick Links. Let’s take a look at how to use them.

Click a pencil icon to activate Live Edit. Live Edit allows you to edit and format text elements, such as headlines or body text, directly from the website.

You’ll see that a text box appears around the text element.

We’re going to make some modifications in the text box. First we’ll format some text. Let’s highlight the text.

We’ll use the formatting toolbar that appears. We’ll change the formatting a bit to make the line of text bold and remove the italics.

When you’re done, just click off the text.

Next, we’ll click in the text to make some edits to the text. You can use back space and delete. You can enter text.

When you’re finished making modifications, you need to save the changes.

Our formatting toolbar is hiding the save button, so I’ll click a little farther down in the text so we can see Save.

We have two options here. The red circle cancels our changes. The save icon obviously saves our changes – we’ll click that and we can see what our changes look like “live.”

Now we’re going to click on a Quick Link. Quick Links take you directly to the item’s editing page.

In this case, we’ll click Edit Article. Once we click the link, we are taken directly to the article editor, where we can use all the tools available to modify our article.

If we go up to the browser tabs, we can see that the Article Editor opened in a new tab. Our live website is found in the next tab over, and the Admin Panel is in the first tab. When you’re finished with a tab, just close it. When you’re finished with your work, remember to Log Out.

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