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Modifying Your LVSYS Articles

Learn how to modify articles in the Admin Panel in this video.

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In this tutorial, we look at modifying an article on your website.

Modifying an article is an important website activity.

We'll look at modifying some of the more important elements of an article.

Start by opening your article in the Admin Panel.

Then, open the live website so you can view your changes after you make them.

At the top of the Article Editor, above the tabs, you find the Active, Name and URL fields.

Selecting the Active field checkbox allows your article to display on the website. 

Your article’s internal name is entered in the Name field. 

If your article has its own URL, it displays in the URL field. If you decide to modify a URL, be aware of the following potential issues:

  • First, be certain to modify all internal items that link to the URL. If you don’t, the links will be broken.
  • Second, if it is an established URL, to which outside sites have linked, or if it’s important to your SEO, you should also consider creating a 301 Redirect. You can find directions for creating a 301 redirect on our help website.

The Article Editor opens to the Content Tab – This is where you modify the body text.

You can change the headline by clicking in the field and making changes.

The next two fields, Summary Text and Body Text, use the same set of tools.

Summary Text is a brief article description that displays in search results or on a category page.

Body Text is the full text of your article.

We’ll make a change to the body text, using a few of the tools on the text editor. You can use the same tools in Summary Text.

Make changes to text just as you do in any text editor.

You can delete, overtype, copy, and cut and paste. 

You can use Bold, Italic, and Underline to emphasize text.

You can change the alignment of paragraphs of text.

We’ll center align this sentence.

You can add bullets and numbering.

You can add tables.

You can add hyperlinks to text.

At the bottom of the screen, you can add or change categories, tags, or the kicker.

Make sure you save your changes and review the results on the live web page.

Click refresh to view the changes.

The second modification we will make to our article is to change the image.

Click on the media tab.

The Media tab allows you to upload and attach images to your article.

Images in the Media tab display in the location determined by the template..

To attach an image, look for it in the selection pane.

If you don’t see the image you wish to attach, use the filters to find it.

If you haven’t uploaded the image yet, click the upload link to upload it.

We cover uploading images in another video tutorial.

When you find the image you want to attach, click and drag it to the Display Pane.

To remove an image click and drag it back to the Selection Pane.

Remember to save your changes. Then view your live site to see if the changes are correct.

There are many more options you can set and changes you can make in the Article Editor.

To learn more, visit the help website and look for the article titled “Creating New Articles”, which provides more information. You’ll find links in the article that take you to other related help, so you can learn more about creating and modifying articles.

You can access all of our support files and tips on our website at

And, as always, if you have any questions, you can contact us by emailing

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