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Editing Website Menus

Learn how to edit menus in the Admin Panel in this video.

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In this video, we show you how to modify a menu item so it links to a different page, article, product or website…

And we show you how to rename and change the order of menu items.

In All Tasks, open Menu Items in the Web Site list.

If you have more than one menu on your website, select the menu you wish to modify and expand it by clicking the arrow to the left.

Menu items can direct users to an internal web page, article, product or even a different website.

To change where a menu item goes, click the item and use the menu attributes on the right to configure the item.

To direct visitors to an internal web page on your site, open the Page menu to choose a destination from the list of your web pages - just click the web page to select it.

And then click Apply.

And if you are finished making changes, click Save to save the changes to the system.

You can also link a menu item to an article or product on your website. Your article or product must have a defined URL in the system and the Pages field should be blank.

Enter the URL in the URL field.

We suggest you copy and paste the URL to avoid errors.

Click Apply, and if you are finished making changes, click Save.

You can also use the URL field to direct your visitors to a different website. Perhaps you have a related website you’d like your visitors to access from the navigation menu.

Enter the website URL in the field.

The page field should be empty.

Again, we suggest that you copy and paste to prevent errors.

When you link to an outside website, we recommend you change the Target field to New Window so your browser opens the website in a different tab or window.

Remember to click Apply and remember to Save if you are finished.

Other changes you may want to make is modifying the name of a menu item or changing the display order of your menu items.

To rename a menu item, right click on the item.

Select Rename and enter the new name.

Click Save to apply the changes.

To change the order of a menu item, simply drag and drop it to a new position.

A little placement bar appears as you drag to show you where the item will be placed when you release the mouse button.

Remember to click Save to save the changes in the system.

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